Applewood Vegan® New & Improved Recipe

Feb 9, 2024

In 2019, Applewood was the first cheese brand to launch a plant-based version of its award-winning (and the UK’s number one!) smoky cheese – Applewood Vegan. 

Applewood Vegan was so popular on the day that it launched that 40% of the Asda stores that stocked it sold out on the first day.

Fast forward five years and 15 awards, they’re introducing an upgraded recipe for a creamier, more authentic ‘dairy cheese’ experience.

Consumer feedback from blind taste tests has been overwhelmingly positive, with comments highlighting the improved texture and flavour, emphasising its “more like real cheese which can be enjoyed alone as a snack or as part as a meal”.

The revamped Applewood Vegan will be hitting the shelves of major UK supermarkets next week and we hope you enjoy the cheezier delight that awaits you!